Steinbeis school of International Business and Entrepreneurship

Job-integrated Master: Junior Manger (m/f/d) Digital Transformation, Zeiss (TAA240205/11995)

Steinbeis school of International Business and Entrepreneurship

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You just finished your bachelor’s degree and now want to get started rightaway with your Master's program? Do you enjoy putting study content intopractice immediately and thus creating added value for a company? Then you'vecome to the right place - SAPHIR will be happy to help you find the perfectpartner company for your job-integrated Master's degree at SIBE!

Job-integrated Master: Junior Manger (m/f/d) Digital Transformation, Zeiss

in 73447 Oberkochen

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  • Implementation of a Financial Framework for New Business Models
  • Analize, classify and document proposed models and framework requirements
  • Accompany technical discussions, benchmarks and best-practices
  • Support Project Manager and Workstreams interaction; also with adjacent areas; gather Finance community around the project
  • Coordinate project advances, supervise timeline and milestone achievement
  • Prepare Steering Committee and Finance Community updates on the project´s progress


  • Bachelor's degree
  • First experience in Finance or Controlling
  • Very good English and German language skills (both at least C1)
  • Project Management and Intercultural competence; self-organized and collaborative way of working
  • Interest in Digital Transformation topics
  • Inner motivation and drive for results
  • Good command of MS Office, particularly Powerpoint


Do you enjoy putting seminar content directly into practice and therebyactively shaping the future of companies? With your master’s degree at theSchool of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE), you can do both:During your two-year job-integrated master's degree, you will be assigned tocompanies or organizations and implement one or more beneficial projects forthem. In addition to your regular day-to-day work, which you manage, you havethe opportunity to shape corporate and personal development through theseprojects.

In combination with this job offer, you can study the SIBE Management Master

  • M.Sc. in International Management, the German-US Dual Degree - M.Sc./MBA orthe SIBE Digitalization Master - M.Sc. in Digital Leadership. All programsoffer you various additional MBA options. You also have the chance forintensive exchange and networking as well as the opportunity to design theseminar mode. More information about the SIBE programs and on financing can befound here:

You can find all other open Master positions at SIBE as well as permanentpositions here: Jetzt bewerben!

Arising customer needs for tailored product solutions allowing digitalenablement require the development of New Business Models combining componentssuch as Subscription, Pay-per-use, Smart Services, Software packages,Consumables and Hardware.
Current system and process landscape are not ready for the specificrequisites. To assure a financially compliant deployment of these New BusinessModels, a respective Framework needs to be developed. A joint cooperation withadjacent areas such as Business Development, Sales, IT and Logistics buildsthe foundation for the models to be considered.

A cross-segment, cross-functional project declining all relevant financialaspects (accounting, legal, financing, transfer pricing, profitability,performance measurement, risk management, process and systemic interfaces)needs to be setup.
Project provides members the opportunity to actively shape New BusinessModels, accompany the Digital Transformation process and to develop frameworksto both enable and adequately represent business transactions.


Step out of your comfort zone, excel and redefine the limits of what ispossible. That’s just what our employees are doing every single day – in orderto set the pace through our innovations and enable outstanding achievements.After all, behind every successful company are many fascinating people.
In a spacious modern setting, full of opportunities for further development,ZEISS employees work in a place where expert knowledge and team spirit reign.All of this is supported by the ownership structure and the long-term goals ofthe Carl Zeiss Foundation: to bring science and society into the future,together.

Join us today. Inspire people tomorrow.


  • Hybrid Work
  • Very modern infrastructure
  • Cantine
  • Own shuttle-bus service from/to train station Oberkochen (whole day)
  • Fitness offerings
  • Multicultural environment
  • Networking
  • Mentoring programs
  • Broad learning possibilities

Additional Information about the SIBE Master programmes with ZEISS is providedat Jetzt bewerben!


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